Grenfell Family History

Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

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James Grenfell - inscription

James Grenfell - d. 1896
Nannie Grenfell - d. 1915

In loving memory of Christiana Grenfell who died Apil 1 1879, aged 61 years
also her husband Henry Grenfell born Gwennap, Cornwall died 30 July 1880 aged 61 years.

Sacred to the memory of John Grenfell who died 21 March 1882, aged 67 years
also his wife, Susannah Grenfell, who died 7 June 1891, aged 69 years.

In loving memory of Richard Grenfell beloved husband of Sara Grenfell, who died 10 Nov 1908 aged 62
years, also the above Sara Grenfell died 26 November 1835, aged 85 years.
2nd stone - In loving memory of our dear mother Hilda Mary Rowe died 26 June 1959, aged 71.
In loving memory of John Grenfell brother of Hilda died 6 June 1964 aged 84.