Grenfell Family History

Medals Awarded of Members of the Grenfell Family

If researchers have photographs of medals and would like them included on the site please contact Arthur Coomb.

Major Arthur Morton Grenfell - medals

Major Arthur Morton Grenfell (1873-1958)

Captain Octavius Grenfell - medals

Captain Francis Octavius Grenfell (1880-1915)

Lieutenant Riversdale Nonus Grenfell - medal

Lieutenant Riversdale Nonus Grenfell (1880-1914)

Captain Russell Grenfell RN - medals

Captain Russell Grenfell RN (1892-1954)

Captain Julian Henry Francis Grenfell - medals

Captain Julian Henry Francis Grenfell (1888-1915)

Commander William Edward Grenfell - medal

Commander William Edward Grenfell RN (1920-2013)

Captain William Grenfell - medal

Captain William Grenfell (1795-1857)