Grenfell Family History

Extract from 'A Statistical Account of the Parish of St Just in Penwith' by the Revd. John Buller, published 1842.

Reproduced by permission of Dyllansow Truran, Trewolsta, Trewirgie, Redruth, Cornwall.

The transcription of the of the heading paragraph is as follows:

"Cornwall St Just, in Penwith

Wee whose names are underwritten, doe freely and voluntaryly engage and be true to his Highness the Lord Protector Against forraigne invadors or dysturbers of the peace of thias Nation, as it is now setled under the Command of his highness, whensoeve wee bee there unto required of the defence of y County, to the utmost of or power, and hereunto have subscribed or hands the first day of May 1658.

Under the command of Capt. ffrancis Arrundall"

The ninth mark and name in the right-hand column, Pazko Grinfil (1636-1664), is believed to be the son Hercules Grenfield and Jane Busvargus who married in 1631.
  • Pazco Grinfil mark